Rehab2Go – Building A Trust Between Users and Service Provider

Project Duration – 7 weeks

Rehab2GO website as of July 2020

My Role:

— Conducting Competitive analysis

— Evaluated Business Viability

—Developing wire frame task flows based on user needs

— Usability Testing result interpretation

Project overview

The capstone project at UX design program had team of 4 member working with the real client where we were paired with Rehab2GO. Rehab2Go is an innovative health care company taking care from typical facility / office to the in -home and virtual space.

In this short duration, we provided the high fidelity wireframes which improved the current information structure as well as conveys Reahb2GO’s story to the user. Along with aesthetics and accessibility as well as the booking process flow.

My UX Design Process

Understanding the client

With Limited Available Resources and Project getting manage in phases the solution should be useful to the current phase as well as should be able to adapt in future phase.

From the first call with client, We learn that there are many different question that client is trying to resolve and it would be our job to define a problem statement that can be focus on for the given course duration.

Client Ask

What makes Rehab2GO special?

— Direct Billing to Insurance Company
— House of Variety of Services , not limited to senior long term care but included to athletes and any age of user who is looking for relaxation via therapy
— Run by well known therapist who been in the industry from decades
— Gives freedom to therapist to manage their timings.r this block

The Problem Statement

A patient looking for quality specialty care, who feels anxious about letting a stranger into their home, needs to book an appointment but doesn’t have enough information about what and who to expect

Understanding the User

My Research Role – Competitive Analysis

The competitive market research focused on two companies dedicated to the same services being provided by Rehab2Go. The investigation also included a review of the standard design practices among the companies. The research included thoroughly reviewing each website to find strengths and weaknesses. Below are the Direct Competitor to the Rehab2Go.


CBI Health Group

Research Goals

Brand Positioning:

The competitor’s selection criteria was the companies who provide the same services as Rehab2Go

Research Focus:

— Current website content and, what and how details
are getting represented;
— What was lacking for users, to make a decision
whether they would like to receive the service or

User Flow:

This research focuses on the companies where potential patients can book an appointment via website.

Research Focus:

— What is the booking process for potential user;
— What information/details are mandatory to book
an appointment;
— Website’s response to help the user during the
booking process.

User Flow: Account Creation and Appointment Booking



Key Findings

  • Rehab2Go has an opportunity to better accommodate referral patients through the website.
  • Rehab2Go users encounter multiple pain points in their primary user flows, such as setting up accounts and booking appointments.
  • Rehab2Go has an opportunity to better communicate about its offerings, to set realistic expectations about the the service and how to book an appointment, resulting in better transparency, clarity and trust.
  • Rehab2Go can provide more critical information on the website to help support undecided users to sign up and book their appointments directly through the site.
  • Rehab2Go can improve how it positions its brand to differentiate itself from its competitors, and how it uses storytelling to better connect with potential patients in terms of shared values and goals.

Understanding Business

I believe to ensure the product / service success it is crucial to understand business sustainability. For this project multiple canvases like business modal, lean model, value proposition were practiced.

My Role – Measure Business sustainability via Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan template created by Ash Maurya that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions. It is adapted from Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas and optimized for Lean Startups. It replaces elaborate business plans with a single page business model.

In Nutshell

— Rehab2go has wide range of target users
— Offering the convenience of time and place to accommodate busy lifestyle
— Covid is bringing the opportunity
— 12 appointments / day for 2 years to achieve goal of $500,000 / year

Early Sketch Ideas

To start the design process, we did a crazy 8’s exercise to find our initial ideas on the page. That helped us to have more clear idea about the new information architecture that can help user to navigate on the app and find the details easily.

Information Architecture

The Concept

To establish the trust between client and the user in the concept I choose the Blue and Green colors to create a sense of balance and harmony. From the research we learned that it was an important factor for the user to be able to browse and understand the therapist that are working with the service providers. My concept was focus on how to present the management Team and therapist minimum but enough details. Eventually Client choose the other concept but they loved the Meet the Management Team section and decided to use that as a callouts on different pages

User Account Creation and Booking Flow

Validating hypothesis / Usability Testing

Testing was done in two phases. It is crucial verify the new design meets the usability standard and resolve the problem statement as well as the pain points from the research insight. For this project, We used the Maze for the testing. The Task included to find different details on the website to understand the new information architecture. Based on new content and the details on the website the users were requested to book an appointment to determine if user would prefer to go through the create account creation process or would require some help before starting process.

Maze Test Results

My Role – The Results Analysis and Recommendation

The Final Product

In 7 Short week, We redesign the website with new information architecture and new content pages which helps to narrow down the current gap between user and the service provider. New website includes essential details like Covid19 and care, What is rehab2go, Resource content repository and updated user registration flow where user is in control and have while maintain the patient and therapist safety.